cafe arfat hot tasty and spicy biryani


Let’s quest lost colours of your lives with spicy and delicious fried rice

Biryani is the most popular dish of the sub-continent. So, The secret of its hypnotic taste lies in mixing fried rice with spicy chicken curry. Ultimately, it becomes fiery and yummy. However, it is served with raita and salad. Consequently, it can satisfy your cravings. Hence, it is a direct source to bring joy in your mouth. By far, It is the most special dish in our era. So, as we know that food is the source of power for our body and health too.

Arfat’s special biryani.

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And without any difficulty. So, that is why Arfat restaurant has a website where you can order your best dish as well as spicy biryani. However arfat biryani is one of the spiciest biryani due to different taste. Because the cooks of this restaurant are well trained. And have experience of many years. So, that is why arfat restaurant creates a name in all over the Sadiq abad. So, don’t be late and place your order. And enjoy with your family. Moreover, the taste of spicy biryani is one of the different taste which is popular all over this area. So, if you are lives in Sadiq Abad. Then surely come to our restaurant. And check the taste.

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